Filthiest Areas in Offices that Must be Regularly Cleaned

Did you know that your office consists of the dirtiest and germiest areas that you use on a daily basis? If you don’t know which areas fit this description, let’s take a look at them here: 

Toilet door handle 

Though this area looks like an apparent germ zone, you would be shocked to know how a lot of people neglect cleaning the door handle. Even if you wash your hands after you use the toilet, other people might not do so. Hence, you can obtain bacteria just by touching the handle while exiting the restroom. To prevent this from happening, use a commercial cleaning company, and ask their staff to have your toilet door handle disinfected every day to fight germs from propagating and being spread. 


Everybody in the office will be opening the fridge at any time of the day. However, only a few of them will consider cleaning it. Take note that bacteria can be transferred easily to the fridge handle and then transported onto the next set of individuals who want to pull out the milk to add to their coffee. Knowing that bacteria and germs can linger on surfaces, the handles of your refrigerator must be cleaned every day.  

Desk phones 

The telephones in offices are mostly used, causing them to get dirty easily especially when they are shared. Have you ever noticed someone sneeze or cough while on the phone and then just change the receiver? This is one of the guaranteed ways of spreading the virus. Guarantee to have your buttons and handset regularly disinfected to make sure that your desk phones are clean.  

Sponges and the kitchen sink 

Our kitchen can simply acquire germs and dirt, particularly if food remnants aren’t removed right away. Such splatters and crumbs are the perfect bacteria’s breeding ground and some of them could be quite dangerous. Not to mention, the dish sponges we use in our kitchen can extremely be dirty since they are usually left damp. As a result, it is more likely to be housing bacteria and accumulate mold.  

Water cooler 

Water coolers could be the perfect place where we can get some water and have chitchat with our co-workers. However, it could be simple for bacteria to propagate in this thing given the substantial number of hands that touch this cooler every day. Unless the water cooler is regularly disinfected and the glasses cleaned with warm water with soap, bacteria can be spread easily.  

Computer keyboards 

Our computer keyboards are actually among the filthiest areas found in our offices. This is because it’s one of the things that we always touch and due to the dust and food that fall underneath the keys, which eventually fester. Cleaning it regularly using cleaning fluid and a special brush intended for electronics can aid in dealing with this issue. 

These are only some of the dirtiest places in your office. To guarantee your optimal safety, it’s best to hire cleaning services in Yuma, AZ today. 


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