How to Clean the Inside of a Vent Hood 

Whenever you are cleaning the kitchen, the range hood of the stove could be overlooked easily. But, this is a place that every restaurant owner must be cleaning to keep their establishment safe from fire hazards, bacteria, and germs. If you make it a regular habit, the hood could be cleaned easily. However, it might need a few strong solutions than a normal surface cleaner. After that, you could replace or clean the filter of the hood depending on what type you have. 

Vent Hood

Here are some tips from professional Tampa Restaurant Hood Cleaners on how to clean the inside of the hood. 

Steam the Inside if Required 

Take a look first under the hood. Fill 1/3 of a huge pot with water if it looks like you have the work cut out for you inside the hood. On the stovetop, bring the pot to a boil, uncovered. For 30 min. or more, keep the pot boiling. Let the steam drench into the grime so it begins to come loose from the hood.  

Before proceeding, wait for the stovetop to cool. Remember that, to reach under and up the vent hood, you would likely have to lean over the stove. Remove the pot to a surface that is heat-safe if you boiled water to loosen the grime with steam. Before moving on, wait for the burner to cool down. 

Test-Spray the Inside 

It is good if the grime is gentle enough for a normal surface cleaner to clean. But, before you use a stronger solution all over the vent, give a tiny portion of your hood a test spray if you need it for degreasing. You must ensure that it does not cause any contrary reactions with the paint of the hood or other materials.  

As what we have mentioned, double-check always the suggestions of the cleaning solutions with regards to which materials it is safe to utilize on. 

Spray and Wipe 

For proper use, read first the instructions of the cleaner. If recommended, wear safety gloves. If strong ventilation is required, turn on the exhaust fan and open your windows. After that, spray the interior of the hood as instructed and wipe down the dirt using paper towels, a cloth, or a sponge.  

Several cleaning solutions might suggest wiping down the dirt right away. Other might recommend letting the solution sit for a few minutes so it could drench into the crud, grease, and dirt. 

Wipe Again Using Wet Towels 

If any traces are left to remain, expect tough cleaning solutions to leave odors and streaks. Dampen paper towels or a cloth once the area is clean. To remove any residue of the chemical solution, wipe again the interior. To dry it, repeat wiping it with a dry cloth.  

Repeat Frequently 

The longer you wait in between every cleaning, expect the work to be harder. Make this job part of your weekly or even daily routine. Clean the hood right away if a certain meal caused a lot of splatter or utilized a lot of oil.  

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