Cleaning the Filter of the Range Hood 

Have you ever tried peeking underneath the range hood and examined the fan filters of the exhaust? Be careful, it is going to be nasty if you have never done it or if it has been awhile. Collecting grease is the main purpose of the filter of the vent hood. Therefore, it is going to feel and look greasy if it is properly doing its job. Range Hood

Over a long period of time, the filter might become so congested with grime and grease that it mislays its efficiency. That is the reason why it is significant to periodically clean the filters. Luckily, cleaning the filter is not that difficult. 

This article will teach you how to clean the filter in the range hood. Several hood filters could somehow be washed in your dishwasher. However, a lot of professionals would not suggest it without cleaning them first at least depending on how long the filter has been since you have cleaned it.  

Check the Filter Every Month 

Clean the range hood on a weekly or daily basis. However, unless you always deep-fry a lot of meals on a regular basis, you should not worry about dealing about the filter that frequently. Examine the filter once a month. Plan on replacing it or cleaning it as soon as possible if it appears splattered or stained. Filters usually don’t acquire much grime if you do not cook often.  

Remove the Filter 

A filter could be held into place in a lot of various methods. Try to look at your filter. It would be likely attached by screws, rim supports that simply required being rotated and pushed up, a latch that you need to lift and press, or a fastener that you could rotate out and in of place.  

Replace the Charcoal and Fabric Filters 

Do not try to clean the filters if you have either of those types. Just remove the dirty one out and replace a brand new one. But, remember that you only need to install a new one if you have a ductless vent hood with charcoal filters.  

A ductless vent hood means that the exhaust fan is recirculating the air back and forth into your kitchen. You don’t have the need to replace the charcoal filter if the exhaust is being aerated out of the home via ducts.  

Soak Metal Filters in Water and Cleaner 

Fill a pale or the sink with warm water. To degrease it, add the suggested amount of a tougher cleaning solution or dish soap to the hot water. Let the filter soak for a few min. (preferably 10 min. up to 30 min.). After that, agitate the filter in the water to shake off any free grime. To scrub any hard dirt, utilize a bristle brush. After that, rinse the filter using a strong pressure of water. You could use the sprayer attachment of your faucet.  

Before reinstalling the filter, set it on a drying rack or a clean towel and let it dry in the air.  

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