How to Maintain Your Range Hood 

Cooking meals produces smoke, heat, moisture, and grease that could damage walls and cabinets over time. To remove smoke, moisture, and grease and protect the cabinets, range hoods are better installed in the kitchen. Aside from that, it could also give light for the cooking surface underneath it.

Range Hood

Here are some ways to maintain your range hood: 

Clean It 

Be careful, before you clean the range hood, you should ensure that it is turned off. Utilize a degreaser or a gentle household cleaning spray to eliminate dirt and grease from the exterior and interior of your hood. Prevent directly spraying the cleaning solution onto the light bulb socket, light bulb, or other electrical parts. 

Be Sure a Clean Air Filter is Installed 

The silvery and thin screen is called the hood filter. Depending on the model, there might be more than 1 filter. The filter traps grease and airborne oils to keep them out of the exhaust vent and the blower. To clean it, remove the filter and drench it in a tough cleaning solution until the grime is removed. Then, wash the filter using a soapy and warm water to eliminate any bits of the solution. Next, place the filter in the upper portion of your dishwasher and turn it on via a normal cycle. Be sure that it is dried thoroughly before reinstalling it to the unit. 

The hood might have one or more activated charcoal filters if it circulates air, instead of ventilating it outside. This might also work as your grease filter. This type of filter can’t be renewed or cleaned. Just replace them every time they lose effectiveness or every year. 

Clean your Vent 

You must examine regularly the duct that leads from the range hood to the outside if your range hood ventilates air outside, instead of circulating it. This is to ensure that there’s no buildup of grease inside it. It could cause huge damage if the buildup of grease catches fire. Call a range hood cleaning professional if there is a buildup of grease. They will properly clean the vent for you. 

Pay Attention to the Speed of the Motor Fan 

Though almost all range hood fan motors do not require any maintenance, the bearing of the motor might become stiff because of the continuous exposure to grease, humidity, and heat. You would need to replace the motor when that occurs. In addition to that, the blower wheel would become dirty and greasy over time. This would slow the fan down or might cause vibration. Take out the wheel and clean it using a cleaner. You would need to replace the motor if the fan still vibrates or is still slow after cleaning it. 

Repair the Vent Hood as Required 

There are a lot of professionals out there who clean and repair vent hoods. If you find any issues with your unit, it is better to have a professional examine it to avoid any further damages.  

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